bandung private tour

Bandung Private Tour

Bandung Private Tour Package Bandung private tour package is the best tour packages for you that want to enjoying tourist attractions in Bandung without in rush so you have flexibility time because we arrange the vehicle only for you and no other tourists in the cars. Want to get Bandung private tour package? Don’t hesitate […]

bandung car rental

Bandung Car Rental

Bandung Car Rental Services Transportation become very important thing when you want to visit many places of interest in Bandung, using public transport would be the cheapest solution for your transportation but it’s not effective for non locals except you have 15 days stay in Bandung, using taxi would not be effective too especially if […]

rancabali tea plantations

Rancabali Tea Plantations

Rancabali Tea Plantations Trip Rancabali tea plantations located at Ciwidey, South Bandung. Some people call Rancabali tea plantations with Ciwidey tea plantations. If you hava trip to Kawah Putih (White Crater) you could go to Rancabali tea plantations to enjoy beautiful landscape with the fresh mountain air or take some landscape spots in this area. […]

bandung culture tour

Bandung Culture Tour

Bandung culture tour package Bandung culture tour package – Handmade batik Indonesia has known in the world, the famous central of batik Indonesia located at Solo, Yogyakarta, Madura, Cirebon, Pekalongan, Tasikmalaya and another cities in Indonesia. If you have holiday in Bandung and want to know about batik processing you could take our Bandung culture […]

bandung ground tour package

Bandung Ground Tour Package

Bandung Ground Tour Package Arrangement Bandung ground tour package arrangement – Welcome to Bandung Indonesia and get best trip package in our Bandung ground tour package to visit the most famous tourist attractions and the hidden beautiful spot in Bandung Indonesia with us. Choose accommodation for you stay according your budget and choose best restaurant […]

1 day kawah putih tour

1 Day Kawah Putih Tour Promo

1 Day Kawah Putih tour package promo 1 Day Kawah Putih Tour Package promo program only in weekend (Saturday & Sunday) period in  July 2016 and only for foreign tourist. 1 day kawah putih tour package promo design for foreign tourist that want to enjoy the most beautiful crater at South Bandung and tourist attractions […]