rancabali tea plantations

Rancabali Tea Plantations


Rancabali Tea Plantations Trip

Rancabali tea plantations located at Ciwidey, South Bandung. Some people call Rancabali tea plantations with Ciwidey tea plantations. If you hava trip to Kawah Putih (White Crater) you could go to Rancabali tea plantations to enjoy beautiful landscape with the fresh mountain air or take some landscape spots in this area.  If you go to Patenggang lake you would pass through the tea plantations and once you see the best spot you could ask your driver to stop.

New Rancabali tea plantations spots

In 2016 there are new spots that could be visited that call Glamping LakeSide & Pinisi Resto, this place offer you unique restaurant with the view Patenggang lake and tea plantations. The uniqueness of the restaurant is shaped a ship where from the top area you could see Patenggang lake and the expanse of Rancabali tea plantations. To visit Glamping LakeSide & Pinisi Resto required entrance ticket. For foreign tourist you could ask your driver to help you get the entrance ticket.

Glamping Lakeside & Pinisi Resto Spot

How to visit Rancabali tea plantations ?

The simple way is using travel agent to get flexibility trip and help you to visit another tourist attractions nearby Rancabali tea plantations. For another alternative using public transport from Bandung, please note if using public transport you should prepare more time and maybe no many places of interest that could be visited. If you decide to use travel agent in Bandung you could contact us to get 1 day trip to Rancabali tea plantations and another tourist attractions nearby. Where do you could book our services? you could book from diatitour.com and tour.diatifasya.com or WhatsApp at +6281320456452 we not only offer you trip to Rancabali tea plantations but also providing Bandung tour package from 1 day to several days in Bandung and surrounding the city.

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