best natural view in bandung

Best Natural View in Bandung


Best natural view in Bandung be known

Best natural view in Bandung Indonesia – Want trip to Bandung? don’t miss our Bandung travel blog for the best natural view in Bandung that must be known by traveler. For you that love natural tourist attractions, landscape and photography here for the best natural landscape and scenery in Bandung Indonesia.

best view in bandung

Best Natural view Bandung

Kawah Putih (White Crater)

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Located at Patuha Mount Ciwidey Bandung. Kawah Putih (white crater) is alake formed by MT Patuha eruption. You would be greeted by the smell of sulfur around the lake, if want to visit Kawah Putih you could bring masker and sun block but not mandatory.

Many tourist visit Kawah Putih to enjoy beautiful and unique crater because visiting kawah putih could be done easy from Bandung downtown, taking about 2,5 hours you could reach this places with own vehicle and depending traffic congestion. Want to visit the best natural view in Bandung Indonesia, see our Bandung tour package

If you have trip to  Kawah Putih don’t miss the beautiful landscape at Ciwidey tea plantations.

Tangkuban Perahu volcano

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The distance from Bandung downtown, tangkuban perahu distance is closer then kawah putih. At MT Tangkuban Perahu you could enjoy the natural beautiful crater from the top area and see the beautiful landscape surrounding MT Tangkuban Perahu. The distance is closer, it makes MT Tangkuban Perahu more popular then kawah putih.

Curug Malela / Malela Waterfall /Niagara Mini Indonesia

malela waterfall bandung

niagara waterfall indonesia

Malela waterfall is new tourist attractions and become popular from media social, located about 4 hours from Bandung downtown. The road access is not enough good cause the place difficult to access, rocky and muddy road will be encountered when heading to this tourist spot that’s why not recommend use car that not design for off road. Furthermore cars could be parked long before the rocky road muddy then you could go to Malela waterfall by motor cycle (hire motorcycle / ojeg). Nevertheless this place is the most beautiful waterfall in Bandung, some people said Malela waterfall is Niagara waterfall in Bandung Indonesia. If you wan to go the hidden paradise you should prepare it all.

Tebing keraton / keraton Cliff Bandung

tebing keraton cliff bandung

If you have holiday in Bandung, don’ miss the beautiful places that located nearby Bandung downtown. The place called Tebing Keraton / Keraton Cliff / Palace Cliff that offer you beautiful natural view in Bandung, to visit Tebing keraton you should wake up more early because the best view before 6.00 A.M. Must be known from car parking area you could hire motorcycle with motorcycle driver that called in our country is ojeg or walking up about 45 minutes to reach the spot.

Curug Citambur/Citambur Waterfall

Curug Citambur or Citambur waterfall is one paradise waterfall in Bandung, about 5 hours from Bandung downtown you could reach the place. As well as the access road to Malela Waterfall, bad access road could be found in here. And Citambur waterfall only one of the best view in Bandung that must be known for traveler.

citambur waterfall bandung

Of course to visit the hidden paradise in Bandung such us at Citambur and Malela waterfall you should prepare your fit. Diati tour & travel Bandung offer you Bandung tour packages and customize tours to get best trip experience in Bandung Indonesia.

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