bandung day tour package

Bandung Day Tour Package


Bandung Day Tour Package

Bandung day tour package by Diati Tour, our Bandung tour package starting from one day Bandung tour package to severals days tour package. Diati tour is Bandung travel agent would help you to organize and arrange your tour to get possibility itinerary to visit tourist attractions in Bandung Indonesia.

bandung day tour package

Bandung day tour package planner

Get free consultations for your Bandung day tour package and customize tour package according your day, places of interest that want you to visit and get for your flexibility tour.

One Day Bandung tour package

For 1 day Bandung tour package could be the best choice for you that want to visit Bandung and surrounding the city. There are 4 places of interest area or region that could be tourist destinations that are Bandung city, West Bandung, North Bandung, South Bandung and to visit all the places requaired more one day. If you have short time holiday in Bandung one day Bandung tour package could be the best options for you.

1 Day North Bandung Day Tour Package

There are some tourist destinations in North Bandung for your holidays, in one day Bandung tour package we would arrange you to visit Tangkuban Perahu volcano where you could enjoy beautiful crater and the famous craters are Ratu crater (queen crater) where you could enjoy the crater from to top clearly.

From Tangkuban Perahu you could visit Ciater hot springs to soak your body in natural hot springs that contain sulfur, some people said this activities useful for your healthy too beside making fresh your body from the tired.

Next trip you could unwind to Lembang tea plantations for while to refresh your mind with green landscape of the tea or just take photography. You could ask our driver to help you to take the pictures and keep your memories in Bandung.

You could skip Lembang tea plantations the go to strawberry farm where you could pick fresh strawberries or go to black cherry farm and pick self fresh black cherry.

From the place you could go to Begonia Flower Garden to see beautiful flowers in their garden or visit horse riding at Deranch and hunting traditional foods at Floating Market Lembang. Another alternative are visiting Cimahi water fall or Dusun Bambu leisure park.

Beside visiting to the natural tourist attractions we also get to shopping at Setiabudi factory outlets area such us shopping at rumah mode, fashion world etc. From the factory outlets yu could go to paris van java mall or shopping at dago factory outlets area or Riau factory outlets area.

Feel and easy to get quotation from us, not all places of interest could be visit in one day, Diati tour offer you flexibility tour where you could customize tour packages base on your priority. Furthermore get free quotations our Bandung day tour package from us by filling our online free quotations form.

South Bandung Day Trip Itinerary

There are some tourist destinations in South Bandung, beautiful crater could be found at Kawah Putih (white crater) and this places is the best tourist destination in South Bandung. In Kawah Putih you could enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the crater with a distance closer. Nearby Kawah Putih you could visit Patenggang lake (patengan lake). For the alternative you could go to Kawah Rengganis (rengganis crater) but you need little hiking from the parking area or using ojeg (motor cycle hire). Like in North Bandung, in South Bandung you could unwind for while at Ciwidey tea plantations to enjoy beutiful tea plantations then go to Ranca Upas or go to the sundanenese restaurant to enjoy Bandung cuisine. Beside visiting natural tourist attractions you could shopping at rumah kain/baju kurung/telekung then go to Cibaduyut leather market for hunting original leather accessories with cheap price such us wallet, jacket, shoes, bag etc where their product made from home industries.

West Bandung Tour Package

For Bandung day tour package there new tourist destinations, in the West Bandung tour you could visit stone garden geo park. Stone garden geo park offer unique view, many natural rocks scattred on the hill and according to archaeologists the rocks come from the sea that caused by the earth’s shifting plates in thousands of years ago.Nearby stone garden geo park you could visit goa pawon (pawon cave) that located under the stone garden hill, you could found fossil and ancient human inside the cave that tell about which tells the prehistoric times thousands of years ago. From pawon cave you could shopping at Padalarang snacks that is roti unyil then go to Dusun Bambu Leisure park to refreshing your mind in the cool of atmosphere village after that go to shopping places in Bandung city.

Bandung city tour package

Bandung has been known as paradise shopping and culinary, there are many shopping from retail and wholesale. There are many factory outlets that offering cheap fashions and accessories , for you that have good power bargain skill you could go to Pasar Baru trade center that offering many fashion, accessories, textile and more. Beside shopping your could enjoy Bandung sightseeing to visit museum and historical building, for another choice venjoying traditional live music performance. For alternative to do in Bandung city are visiting trans studio indoor theme park.

Bandung day tour package in Diati Tour could be customize and we would help you arrange your trip in Bandung. Furthermore get best itinerary your Bandung day tour package with completely our free online quotation form to get the best price and Bandung itinerary.

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