About Us

Diatitour.com is part of website tour.diatifasya.com that provide tour packages in Indonesia. Our services could be booked as well as a both in diatitour.com and tour.diatifasya.com.

Our History

Our idea come from our online shopping where some our overseas customers have problem in shipping cost and sometime more expensive then flight ticket. In the middle of years 2015 we had been traveling to Jogjakarta and Solo Indonesia and then we have idea to build tour and travel in Bandung as new business and part of solution for the shipping cost. Starting November 2015 we launched our first website tour and travel with name tour.diatifasya.com as part of our online shopping. In January 2016 we starting build diatitour.com with the first services tour packages in Bandung and surrounding the city.

Although we new tour and travel company, we have serve a both group tour and individual traveler a both local and foreign tourist from Singapore and Malaysia. Positive Feedback and good reviews from our customers making us to build new website to make easy remember us with the name diatitour.com, see our customers feedback.

Our services

Tour packages in Bandung and surrounding the city, our tour packages starting from 1 day tour to several days that could be customize by your self from diatitour.com that could be done easy with filling our free quotation with SSL Security to secure your data when filling the form. In our Bandung tour packages you could customize easy with or without accommodation. Get free quotation now.

Bandung trip planner for individual and group traveler to organize your trip and itinerary according your budget. What do you want to go in Bandung? Natural tourist attractions? Shopping?. Let us we know your budget and let us help you to arrange your trip according your budget.

Bandung outlets online, make it simple shopping in our Bandung shopping outlets online and our driver would bring your order.

Where do you want to go in Bandung? See in our Bandung tour packages

Our Price

Reasonable tour packages price and reliable travel agent would be the best choice to get unforgettable memories in your trip with the best Bandung family trip partner.

Another our Java tour package :

Getting trip in Java island with our overland service, design for you that want to overland from Jakarta to Yogyakarta or Yogyakarta to Jakarta. In our Java Overland tour package you not only could visit the most tourist attractions in Java Indonesia, get knowledge about culture along the trip. Java tour route Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Pangandaran, Baturaden, Dieng Plateau (Wonosobo), Yogyakarta with additional trip Kawah Ijen, MT Bromo by on request.